Amateur Model Photo Submission – GET FEATURED ON PHATVIDZ.COM!

We are currently seeking photo submissions from amateur models and we would love for you to be one of them.

What We Can Do For You…

  • Create a bio page for you that displays up to 9 of your photos, a profile/featured photo and a link to your website or social media profile!
  • We will help you grow your social network or bring more traffic to your website
  • Give you a chance of being a featured model and appearing on the PhatVidz home page
  • Your profile page will be promoted by the PhatVidz team. This gets you seen across our promotional network and also includes PAID advertising campaigns!
  • …Did we mention all this is 100% FREE?!

Due to the amount of work we do to promote each and every profile, we only publish a handful of new profiles each month. If you are ready to gain some exposure then all you have to do is fill out the form below and we will do the rest!

STEP 1: Contact Information

We need your name and email so we can let you know when your profile is published and where you and others can view it. We also use these details to help us verify your age. Your name and email are never displayed publicly or shared with anyone.

Your Name (required):

Your Email (required):

STEP 2: A Bit About You

The information in this section is used to build your profile and is displayed publicly. All of the following questions are optional.

Display Name (eg. Angel Starr): (Will be used as your profile URL and Also appears in photo captions)

Your Age: (Also appears in photo captions)

Country/City: (Also appears in photo captions)

Social Profile Or Website URL:


This is your chance to tell everyone a bit about yourself, however You should be careful not to disclose any personal information.

STEP 3: Identity Verification

Our users want to know if you are real and quite frankly so do we! In order to prove you are in fact a real person and not someone acting on behalf of someone else we need you to provide an identity verification photo.

You can do this by Holding up a hand written sign with the words "I'm real -" and take a photo. The sign can say anything you would like, however it does need to contain the words "". This photo will also be used as your bio display picture and will be featured in different areas around the website, be creative it will help you stand out!

Identity Verification Image (required):

STEP 4: Choose Your Photos

A minimum of 3 photos are required, however You may upload upto 9 photos! The photos you choose to submit must be 100% unique to If the photos appear on any other website your submission will not be approved.

The maximum file size per photo is 4mb

Photo 1 (required):

Photo 2 (required):

Photo 3 (required):

Photo 4:

Photo 5:

Photo 6:

Photo 7:

Photo 8:

Photo 9:

STEP 4: Terms & Conditions

  • I am of legal age
  • The photos I have submitted are of me and only me
  • I am the copyright owner of all photos included in my submission and hereby grant and their representative agents exclusive and unrestricted use of all articles, this includes but is not limited to use in advertising and promotional material related to

Not all submissions will be published, we have strict content guidelines that we do not share. We will let you know via email if your submission has passed our content guidelines and has been accepted for publication.

A few things that will guarantee your submission is rejected are...

  • Images depicting illegal acts
  • Images that serve to defame, harass or intimidate
  • Images that contain advertising/promotional messages unrelated to

One last thing...

  • I have read and I understand all the information provided to me on this page and I also understand that once I press the "submit!" button I will not be able to edit or request the removal of my submission


If you have any questions about the submission process please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. You can use the form here to do so.



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